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Ben Wa balls, also widely popular as kegel balls are small balls of different sizes.To use ben wa balls, lie on a bed or a couch, and insert one ben wa ball into your vagina.

Do these Kegel exercises for several minutes over a period of a few weeks.Unlike vagina weights, which are extremely similar to tampons, the ben wa balls can be relatively more difficult to get used to.

Try several different types of squeezes, including quick flutter holds and long holds.

Master Series Extra Large Extreme Steel Benwa Balls, 2 Inch

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9 Best Kegel Balls for 2018 - Ben Wa Balls & Luna Beads to

They can also be used to help strengthen your pelvic floor since you have to.Ben Wa balls are meant to be inserted into your vagina and left in there for at least 15 minutes a day.In terms of effectiveness, vaginal weights are more effective because they are designed to exercise the right muscles.

Videos of Pleasure Balls: Here are some videos about a couple different pleasure balls you can find and buy.Ben Wa balls are little metal balls that you insert in your vagina.

A step-by-step set of instructions for inserting Ben Wa balls can be found below if you want to get right to it but I thought it would be best to start out with a quick introduction to their use at a higher level.

Ben Wa balls aren’t quite as sexy as -

If you haven't seen the first video go here:

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Find great deals on eBay for large ben wa balls and xlarge ben wa balls.

Description: For the woman who needs something larger, the X-Large Ben Wa Balls are made extra large to give the most pleasure.

Videos of Pleasure Balls

Getting to see the balls handled will give you a better idea on what type of balls would be best for you.

Ben Wa Balls Sets Weighted - Kegel Exercise Kit Weights To Tone and Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscle - Metal with String Silicone for Beginners or Advanced.Ben Wa Balls should not be too large, otherwise it would be too easy to effortlessly keep them in.Goes over the history of the balls and instructions how how to use them.Larger balls (to a point of course) are easier to hold in than smaller balls so you should start with something on the larger end of the spectrum.They are available as small marble sized balls and also as slightly bigger balls, ranging in about two or more inches in the diameter.Try squeezing your PC muscles to hold the ball inside for several minutes.

Ben Wa Balls that are too small could create unpleasant sensations while wearing them and eventually fall out.Kegel balls, known traditionally as Ben Wa balls, can help you tighten and tone your V.

Vagina Weights compared to ben wall balls effectiveness.

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